Founder Name: Dr. Kamini Singh
Idea Description: Moringa-based products such as powder, capsules, oil, soap, and shampoo Collaborating with farmers, FPOs for Moringa cultivation.

Founder Name: Mr. Awani Kumar Shukla
Idea Description: Fasal Suraksha Guard
AI-based farm intrusion detection and damage prevention system using geofencing, bright lights, and alarms.

Founder Name: Dr. Dharmendra Kr. Mishra
Idea Description: Organic Agri products
Creating a platform for selling organic products from Bundelkhand. Instrumental in training farmers for rainwater management and sustainable farming.

Founder Name: Mr. Satyaprakash Dev Pandey
Idea Description: Aromatic oils such as Palmarosa, Lemon Grass, and Vetiver
Collaborating with farmers, FPOs for aromatic plant cultivation.

Founder Name: Mr. Ram Kumar Rai
Idea Description: Flax seeds products, green peas, and green chili powder
Preservation and processing through renewable energy to get better market prices throughout the year.

Founder Name: Mr. Ashok Manwani
Idea Description: Freshwater pearl culture. It can provide a secondary income source to framers.

Founder Name: Ms. Dipti
Idea Description: Agri products
Farm to the Folk platform – providing supply chain directly to farmers.

Founder Name: Mr. Awadhesh Dikshit
Idea Description: Agri Rendezvous
Agro Tourism.

Founder Name: Mr. Gaurav Singh
Idea Description: Pond water pump
No priming is required & high throughput is achieved. Hence the reduction in maintenance cost and fuel cost.

Founder Name: Mr. Janardan Singh
Idea Description: Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones. Chemical-free, aloe vera based products such as juice, jam, gel, hand wash, face wash, shampoo

Founder Name: Dr. Mani Upreti
Idea Description: Healthy snacks using fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts
Collaborating with farmers, FPOs for Agri produces.

Founder Name: Dr. Ajay Kumar
Idea Description: Smart Solar Tree & Air Water Generator
The combination will create a renewable energy source and water for sustainable agriculture.

Founder Name: Ms. Nisha Niranjan
Idea Description: Cordyceps mushroom products
Medicinal fungus cordyceps militaries formulation for diabetes, anti-aging supplements.

Founder Name: Dr. Sumit Saxena
Idea Description: Biofertilizer, biopesticides, fish food, poultry food, and dog food using green waste

Founder Name: Ms. Shipra Sandilya
Idea Description: Brahmi and Shatavar based cow milk ghee.

Founder Name: Mr. Chandra Shekhar Mishra
Idea Description: Ayurvedic supplements – energy booster, organic detergent
Rasahar – extract of various herbal plant. Instant enery booster
Organic detergent – from bi product of shatavar extract. With this detergent, water can be recycled after washing clothes.

Founder Name: Mr. Vaibhav Pandey
Idea Description: Cold storage material and small boxes
Low cost, portable cold storage boxes for perishable items such as fruits & vegetables.

Founder Name: Mr. Kumar Rohit Srivastava
Idea Description: Bio degradable packaging film
Agri waste based bio degradable packaging material, eco-friendly alternative to commonly used plastic bags.

Founder Name: Mr. Mukesh Kumar Pandey
Idea Description: Vermicompost
Chain of small farmers of vermicompost manufacturer, vegetable and grain producers.

Founder Name: Mr. Shishir Ranjan
Idea Description: FARMISTO – Mobile App-based e-Commerce platform for Agri-Input Sales. Business to Customer

Founder Name: Mr. Subodh Shah
Idea Description: Krishisandhi App – B2B platform for farmers and food processing units

Founder Name: Mrs. Debika Mukherjee
Idea Description: A collaborative platform to promote local produce by connecting farmers, FPOs, artisans, weavers, and rural entrepreneurs.

Founder Name: Mr. Anoop Kumar Devedee
Idea Description: Alleloras is a bio-herbicide, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemical herbicides with an efficiency of 80%. It leaves no toxic residues, improves yield by 10-12%, good for the soil and human health, plus can be used on organic or conventional farms promoting chemical-free farming.

Founder Name: Dr. Megha Saxena
Idea Description: Transformation of pine needle waste in to biochar and wood vinegar

Founder Name: Mr. Arpan Singh Rajput
Idea Description: Mobile based application for early detection of plant diseases

Founder Name: Mr. Nirbhay Khanna
Idea Description: – an interactive platform that connects Farmers with traders, manufacturers, NGOs, banks and financial institutions, SMEs, peers, and Govt Agencies

Founder Name: Mr. Mayank Kumar Yadav
Idea Description: Phosphorus-based fertilizer from bio degradable municipal waste

Founder Name: Dr. Moushumi Ghosh
Idea Description: GuavaProbi– a high-value nutritional supplement comprising of guava powder and probiotic bacterial cultures

Founder Name: Mr. Shivam Tiwari
Idea Description: Bio adhesive for ceramic tiles

Founder Name: Ms. Reshu Bhardwaj
Idea Description: Nano herbicides embedded in bio polymer for better weed control

Founder Name: Mr. Dharam Pal Singh Duhun
Idea Description: Various equipment for peeling and processing of Shatavar and Musli

Founder Name: Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Roy
Idea Description: Doodh Dhara Pashu Aahar – high protein cattle feed using agri waste, herbals and aquatic weeds

Founder Name: Dr. Abhijit Ganguli
Idea Description: High Proteins nutritional products using soyabean, mushroom and selected spices

Founder Name: Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Idea Description: Animal feed through urban green waste